Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Second Most Notable View Towers Fire Story

As with the even bigger fire described in yesterday’s blog post, I’m poaching a section of an earlier View Towers anecdotes post and expanding on it

In early 2008 the neighbours directly above me were always being noisy, usually fighting and bouncing things around (though once it was, er, a possible attempt to procreate). This went on for about a few weeks and I later found out that they had gotten an eviction notice as a result.

One night I found myself wishing that they'd finally do something to get kicked out (not knowing that they had already been given notice). The next morning at 4:15 I heard a lot of crashing, far worse than usual. Annoyed at having been woken up by them, I phoned security but no answer. I went to the bathroom as I debated whether to call security or the police, but then the fire alarm went off.

When I went outside I confirmed what I had suspected as soon as I heard the fire alarm go off: they had set their apartment on fire!  This nicely got rid of them, even if that wasn’t quite what I had in my when I made the wish the night before.  Well, it worked.  Unless the woman in the previous post, this couple at least closed their door. So while their room was unlivable for a while after, most of the rest of the floor was still okay.  And despite living directly below them, only a few drops of water came into my apartment.

So for a short while, aside from a little bit of construction noise, I had the peace and quiet I desired. Sadly only a few weeks later my schizophrenic neighbour who keeps shouting about burning in Hell moved in next door and he’s been here ever since, so the silence was short lived.  But boy did I savour it while it lasted.

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