Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Busier than Expected Day Today

The day started out on a fairly relaxed note. I watched Frost/Nixon on blu-ray. Probably Ron Howard’s best film to date.

Then having been told by a friend the day before that the Rogers on Borden St. was going out of business, I spent 45 minutes walking there.  Making the purchase took longer than expected, in part because most of the DVDs and blu-rays didn’t have prices on them, so the prices had to be checked to give me the best possible deal.

I was way behind schedule as I started heading to the bus stop. I didn’t realize that my fanny pack was open; I either left my debit card at Rogers or it fell out en route to the bus stop; some coins probably dropped out. I saw the bus and almost missed it but due to the lights and people waiting at the next bus, I was able to catch it at the next stop by running so fast that my throat hurt for a while after (still not entirely better).

I took the bus back downtown and dropped off my bag at my apartment. I only had a few minutes before I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch so I quickly grabbed her gift and card, wrapped/taped the gift in record time, and did another run, this time to the Old Spaghetti Factory. We had a nice meet. I gave her my gift and she treated me to lunch and gave me a coupon book.

I told her about the sale and she told me about another video store that was going out of business, the Xanavision on East Saanich.  So after the lunch meet I went home, grabbed my credit card, and took a bus over. Apparently it’s been going under for about a month, but maybe due to its location, there were still lots to pick from even after I got through with it.

There was time before the next bus so I went for a jog and then took the bus back downtown. The good news was that it was a double-decker. The bad news was that one person was not only talking on his cell phone, he had it on speaker so the other passengers could hear a crackling voice from the other side.  Both directions I relaxed by reading the 2012 edition of Eat This, Not That, which I had plenty of time to do as it’s about a 45 minute ride each way.

Then when I got home I realized it was time to start more uploads to Flickr.  So not a boring day.

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