Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Year’s Christmas Wishes

Here’s what I wrote on homemade Christmas cards last year (I didn’t make homemade Christmas cards this year due to printer issues and depression).



There is truly no time like Christmas, (except the Xmas stuff on sale before Nov. 1; that’s very much like Halloween).  Family reunions happen (decades old buttons get pushed), people give each other gifts (running over pedestrians to get a hot item that will soon be old news), classic tunes get played (over and over again), classic specials appear on TV (most were never that good the first time around), Christmas trees get decorated (some kill real trees, knowing they’ll be vacuuming hidden pine needles forever), homeless people get special dinners (then get ignored the rest of the year), stores get energized (claustrophobia and long line-ups cocktail), leading to one magical day of peace and joy!


(the calm before the chaos that is Boxing Week, starting the very next day)

Ah well, have a wonderful Christmas anyway!


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