Sunday, December 11, 2011

Car Mishap in Terrace

I was heading downtown in Terrace during a winter, coming from the dorms at Northwest Community College.  Late 1990 I think but maybe early 1991. Someone offered me a ride.  Not long after the car slid on some ice and did a u-turn. I think it might have hit another car but I don’t recall; regardless either the impact of hitting something or the sudden turn and stop or both put me in a state of shock. Regardless the police came.  While we were dealing with this another car with people I knew stopped and offered me a ride.  I told them I would need to ask the police if I could leave or not.  But in my state of shock instead of asking them if I could leave, I asked the reverse, if I had to stay. They said no. Unfortunately in my dazed state I then relayed the “no” to the people in the other car, not realizing until it was too late that I had reversed the question and answer.  They took off and I ended up heading downtown on foot instead, still dazed.

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