Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Here’s how I spent this Christmas:
·         Took photos of the downtown area around sunrise
·         Talked to my dad on Skype
·         Talked to a friend on the phone
·         More photos of downtown
·         Unwrapped presents
·         Photos not just of downtown but heading north to Hillside and back; got caught in the pouring rain near the end
·         Met up with a friend who only had a short time to meet
·         Cashier at Burger King cut into short time to meet by messing up the order thus requiring lots of time to be spent cancelling the order and putting in the new one
·         Walked with friend to Christmas tree display at the Empress; really packed
·         Went through photos for uploading to Flickr
·         More downtown photos
·         Planned trip to Vancouver for Tuesday or Wednesday; Translink website stalled quite a bit
·         Went to McDonald’s for dinner; their sign said they closed at 6 so arrived at 5:48; they were already closed; passed on Burger King due to the earlier service issues
·         Went to Dynasty Restaurant in Chinatown instead; there was a bit of a line to get in but an acquaintance offered to share his table, which speeded things up a bit.
·         Went home and found my last TransLink searches were still running uncompleted; finished travel planning
·         Did a bit more photo work
·         Watched The Losers on blu-ray

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