Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween Seagull

I was relaxing on my couch this morning when much to my shock a seagull crashed into a paperback rack I keep in my apartment and got tangled up for a bit. It finally relaxed, and, after getting a suggestion from a friend on Facebook, grabbed a towel to try to gently take it out.

It was a baby seagull, and I briefly thought it might be one of my stuff animal birds (the child friendly type, no taxidermy stuff in my place). I took a couple photos and they talked nicely to it as I try to grab it.  It ran off, in the general direction of my balcony. I tried coaxing it further that direction but it disappeared. Not sure where exactly. I didn’t think it had escaped but I couldn’t see it anywhere.

A couple hours later I heard it move again and found it on top of some DVDs. More photos and capture attempt. It flew on top of my entertainment centre (which worried me because I keep comics there). It had a great view of the balcony but wasn’t moving. After more photos I tried tossing a puffed cheese snack out the balcony. No luck.

Another attempt. This time it flew to a DVD shelf and was now only about 30 cm away from the balcony.  More photos and cheese snacks. I tried holding the towel across my hands so it could land on it. Still nothing. I finally made one more attempt. This time it flew out on my balcony. As I tried closing the balcony, it flew off.  The baby seagull was now finally outside and hopefully able to reunite with its family.  Hopefully no major decorations while it was inside.

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