Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Time I Thought I was Being Kidnapped

This happened when I living in Surrey, so I was probably something like four or so at the time.  What I’m sure happened was that one or both of my parents arranged for the neighbours across the street to babysit me.  Only they neglected to tell me what was happening.  All I knew was I was at the neighbour’s place and thought my parents were still around and next thing I knew my neighbours were taking me to their car and making me go inside. Not being used to being away from my parents I assumed the worse and freaked out.  I was even more disturbed when I saw my mom waving at me from a window across the street with a smile on her face.  If you’re that age and think you’re being kidnapped, having your mom waved good-bye at you was a serious head-messer! I remember they took me to a store, probably in a mall, and tried to treat me to something, but I was still scared. I don’t even know if I even accepted the treat whatever it was. Finally of course they took me home, less than thrilled at my behaviour. I don’t think they realized how my four or so year old mind was processing the little excursion. I was just relieved to be back at home and away from my “kidnappers”.  Although I saw them years later and it was okay (though they did curiously have a novel out in the open called The Burn that Felt Good, so maybe my young instincts about them weren’t entirely off), I’m pretty sure I was wary of them the rest of the time until we moved to Lethbridge.

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