Friday, October 7, 2011

The First Movie I Ever Saw in a Theatre

People who know me probably wouldn’t be surprised that the first movie I saw in a movie theatre was a superhero film.  But which one it was would surprise people.  It wasn’t a new film when I saw it but rather a matinee of an older film. Nor was the material really new when it was released theatrically.  It was, in fact the Green Hornet. Not the new 3-D version of course. No this 1974 movie took two episodes of the 1960s TV series with Van Johnson and Bruce Lee and put them together. No real connection to the parts. It’s actually the only material from that show legally available on DVD. Not surprisingly it was hardly a magical first experience at the movies, though I still enjoyed the heroics. But I developed a passion for movies anyway so it all worked out.

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