Thursday, October 13, 2011

My October 8 Port Angeles Misadventure

I had been debating whether or not to visit Port Angeles and Sequim for a short visit, but I had accidentally left my camera at a friend’s place the night before, so I thought that was that. So I didn’t bother charging batteries or the like.

But then the friend called to let me know they were heading downtown, so if I scrambled, I could still do the trip. I got back my camera and started doing a partial battery charge to supplement the batteries in my bag that were already charged. Much to my surprise there was a line-up at the ferry terminal well outside the building, the result of a crab festival.

On the ferry I realized that there actually weren’t any fully changed batteries in my bag, and the one that was already in my camera was dying, so that created all kinds of problems.  One of the partially charged batteries was already starting to die around the time I got off the ferry. Unfortunately the only place I know of that sells the kind of batteries my camera needs is Best Buy, and the nearest one was back in Victoria. After first taking photos of the crab festival, I did a half-hearted check of the Rite Aid on Lincoln, and then took photos of a farmer’s market that was also happening, and then headed up First Ave.

I considered getting a DVD at Swain’s, but I’m anti-hunting and that store plays up the hunting too much. Angeles Pawn across the street didn’t have any DVDs I wanted this time. I ate lunch at China First next door, which has a huge range of chicken dishes.

I walked up to Radio Shack at Port Angeles Plaza and bought a cheap camera there that took AA batteries. I made the mistake of not buying spares there. I normally buy DVDs at Star Video in the same plaza, but nothing grabbed me this time.

I went to the bus stop for Sequim. Unfortunately the bus was late arriving, and it was Saturday, thus hourly service, so I only had a chance to walk about five or six blocks before it was time to get back on the bus the other direction.

More camera challenges. My new camera was starting to already run out of juice, as was the remaining battery in my good camera. A memory card flew out of my hand. Luckily it turned up before the end of the bus ride. I made it to the Walgreen’s on Front Street in Port Angeles and accidentally bought lithium AAA instead of AA batteries; I didn’t realize my error until I’d opened the package (I also bought some Halloween-size Payday bars, which you can’t get in Canada at any size).  I went back and bought the right kind of batteries. So now I could take as many photos as I wanted for the rest of the trip at least.

After a visit to Port News and Books I climbed a staircase from First to Second Avenue, where you get a great view of the downtown area and took some photos. I headed east and walked down a ramp back to First Street.  A puzzle and book store that had been there forever had closed and been replaced by a jewellery store (no small feat since I was last there at the beginning of September). I bought some DVDs at E-Z Pawn.  One proved to be only $1, even cheaper than the $$2.50 I paid for the other three.

For some reason the new camera was showing the photos out of order, which was a problem because I had been using the camera as a makeshift watch, and I couldn’t do so with my regular camera now that the batteries were dead. After getting the time and ensuring that I hadn’t missed the ferry back. I visited Odyssey Books, and then walked to the crab festival again. In that area, I climbed up a small structure that allows a harbour view and took photos of the ferry back arriving. On my way back to the ferry there was a raptor show so I lingered a little longer to take photos of the bird. A dog kept yapping at the birds, so the MC quipped that the birds won’t eat the dogs but might find it fun to play with.

As on the way there the ferry was pretty packed on the way back (at least allowing me time to get some decent shots of the interesting looking waiting area).  So both directions I had a little trouble finding a place to sit. Customs wanted to see the new camera receipt but otherwise I was able to get home with minimal incident.

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