Thursday, October 6, 2011

Communion with Nature

Back in Grade 12 in Kitimat my English Literature 12 teacher assigned the class to do a communion with nature and write about how we felt. At the time I thought that getting in touch with nature was a bit silly, but it was an assignment and there was a gully on my street (Dunn St) leading close to downtown (I covered this gully in a previous blog post). So I went to the gully with my pen and notebook.

Much to my surprise as I was starting this assignment a bird actually flew down, skidded on the notebook trying unsuccessfully to get a foothold, and then flew off. I immediately wrote this down. I think I only got a mediocre mark (she might not have believed the bit about the bird; I might not have either had I not been there) but the fact that the bird did try to land on the notebook as I was trying to get in touch with nature did make me think there was something to this after all.

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