Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome to Post #1 of the NEW Sane Insanities

I’m now going to do a blog post for every day of the year, starting today. This will of course mean that some days there will be multiple posts in a day due to vacations. But it will happen, starting today.

I’ll probably do some of the old stuff (reviews, bits of trivia etc.) but mostly it’s going to be slice of life anecdotes that I think will have universal appeal as they touch upon being human in some way. So it will be more personalized. But it will not be a way of playing target practice on people I’m upset about. Do if you do sometime to upset me I won’t promptly drag you through the mud. That sort of thing tends not to end well. Oh, I’m sure I’ll vent about this or that sometimes if it involves some stranger who can’t be identified from the blog. But people who know me are safe. Well unless I’m feeling playful and get their permission first.

So how am I going to maintain this sort of frequency when I haven’t before? Three reasons: First of all, this sort of thing comes relatively easy to me. Two, I’m going for brevity in the hopes of having time for this (this one admittedly might fall by the wayside sometimes, knowing me). The final thing is that if you're reading this, I’ve already created a backlog of blog posts. So I have a safety net of a few days when I fall behind. Most days there will be a new post so keep checking. If I’m going away I’ll let everyone know when I’ll be back so that I don’t lost people’s interest.

So hop in and enjoy the ride!

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