Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Greedy Duck at Elk Lake

I was sitting on the main beach having lunch at Elk Lake when a female mallard duck came up to me for food. Normally I don’t feed the ducks but this day I was feeling generous. The first time or two when I tried to give her a piece, she jumped on me when her legs rapidly moving, so I got ticklish and that didn’t work. Then I managed to give her a little. I was going to give her more still, but instead of going for the piece I wanted to give her, she went for the bulk of my remaining sandwich instead. Her greed cost her. I might have given her a few more smaller pieces but because she tried to steal the rest of the sandwich, she ended up getting no more food from me. When begging for free food, a little humility will carry the day more than being aggressive.

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Eric said...

Those ducks know no boundaries at all. When you get a swarm of them, they're especially pushy.