Monday, July 18, 2011

Cats on Dunn St

When I lived on Dunn St in Kitimat, there were cats on either side of my house. The cat on my right was the older of the two, a Siamese named Molly. Molly would only drink out of a glass. My mom told me once that her owner said she could no longer jump on fences due to arthritis, whereupon Molly proceeded to do exactly that.

I can’t recall the breed of the other cat (Whiskey). I do recall he weas fond of taking lengthy vacations. But my favourite story about him was of the "at home" variety. We had budgies and one time I heard a tapping on the dining room window, which had a fence leading up to it. My mom moved the drapes and Whiskey was on the fence knocking to be left in, presumably to meet the birds.

Both cats had a territory war under one of our trees; given the yowling both were determined to defend their territory from the other cat. It was clear that there was some sort of land claim dispute happening, though both were agreeable to humans using their land.

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