Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Most Surreal Work Story (Kind of)

At the time of the dream I was a university student who was working as a dishwasher for a restaurant.

I was woken up in my dorm by the phone ringing. I glanced at my clock while picking up the phone. It was the restaurant claiming I’d missed a shift. I told them that I wasn’t scheduled to work that day. They checked and got back on the phone and told me that the scheduled had been changed. It was covered but they reminded me that I was to work that coming Friday. I went back to sleep.

I woke up again and realized I wasn’t supposed to be working on Friday. I was just about to call work back when I looked at my clock. The time was earlier than it was when I last looked at the clock. I then realized that everything I just described in the 2nd paragraph had been a dream, one where everything in my place was physically where it should be. If not for the fact that I happened to glance at my clock in my dream, I would have made that phone call and probably caused everyone at work to think I had gone crazy! Well, actually, I am crazy. Just not that type of crazy.

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