Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Seagulls that Broke the Ice

I was on a temporary assignment in an office and hadn’t gotten to know the other staff in the area that well. It was a particular warm day so I wanted to open my window. My cubicle had apparently been vacant for a while so the window was jammed pretty such. Finally, I got it open but doing so caused a woodchip to fly off the ledge. A seagull showed up, apparently thinking I had just tossed out some food. A few moments later more seagulls showed up and had quite the fight over the non-existent food, none realizing they were really waging war over an inedible slice of wood. Everyone with a cubicle/office in the area came into my cubicle to watch the birds fight on my ledge. After getting this rather unusual thing to start talking about it became very easy to talk to the other staff there and I’m still friends with some of them. Thank you gulls, if you’re still alive out there.

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