Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Family’s Home on Omenica St in Kitimat

With this post this blog goes on hiatus for 11 days (extra posts have already been posted earlier on) but will resume mid-day August 5.

Not a whole lot to tell on the topic really but here’s what there is. After moving from my family’s traditional home on Dunn St we moved to a smaller place on Omenica St, closer to my dad’s work place (we later moved even closer, to a much nicer place on Stikine St). I don’t have many memories about the place but I do recall two things: the previous owners had left a Garfield poster behind; I recall this because that poster is currently above the door of my apartment in Victoria, over two decades later. I also recall that the place was not the most sanitary place in the world. In fact the bathroom had a carpet, and there were mushrooms growing on it. And… yes, that’s pretty much all I recall about the place.

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