Friday, July 22, 2011

Dentist Visits in Kitimat

The dentist office in Kitimat was never a safe place to visit, at least in the 1980s (I should stress that the current people working in dentist’s offices in Kitimat probably have no connection to any of the dentist office workers described below). One time I went for a cleaning and the dentist assistant really seemed to enjoy the flossing process judging from not only from how deeply she flossed the teeth, causing bleeding, but also the determined facial expression. Another time I had a very nice umbrella with me, easily folded up so it would not take up much room and very wind resistant. Since it was well folded I tried to take it into the office with me but they insisted that I leave it in the waiting area, promising to keep an eye out on it. It got stolen and I’ve never since had as good an umbrella. And then there was the time I needed to have a wisdom tooth pulled. During the freezing the dentist told me to indicate if there wasn’t enough freezing. As he drilled I indicated that the freezing wasn’t enough but he wouldn’t believe me. I recall spending the rest of that day in a really foul, pain induced mood.

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