Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My First Roger Moore James Bond Movie

As a teen, having just watched a few Sean Connery Bond films, I rented the Man with the Golden Gun with Roger Moore. Now, the Connery films do have their tongue in cheek aspects, but there’s a serious undertone to them for the most part. On the other hand, The Man with the Golden Gun was Bond at its campiest, not helped with scenes of the over the top J.W. Pepper; Christopher Lee was decent as the main villain though. But the music and attempts at comedy really sunk it for me. Really, it’s a miracle I ever watched any more of Moore’s Bond. Even if I had made a different choice, though, it'd have still have been jolting. Connery is hard-edged, while Moore is pretty unconvincing as a killer (I do like his commentary tracks on the more recent Bond DVD releases, though). My point, therefore, is, when sampling the Moore-era Bond for the first time, don’t do so right after watching a few Connery Bond movies.

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