Wednesday, October 24, 2012

20 Favourite Moments on The Shield (Spoilers!)

Here's my ten person favourite scenes from the TV series The Shield, sarring Michael Chiklis as corrupt cop Vic.  MAJOR SPOILERS INCLUDING THE FIRST AND FINAL EPISODES. Deaths that occur in the series discussed. I'll leave a bit of spoiler space but after that.... you've been warned.

Scenes are listed in the order they occur.

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1. Season 1: At the end of the first episode, Vic murders Det. Crawley in cold blood, thus setting the stage for the entire rest of the series
2. Vic's kindness to Connie followed by her murder
3. Season 2: Dutch quietly gets emotiional after pshching out a criminal into a confession
5. Season 2: The stove top scene
6. Season 3: Acevada's rape and how he deals with it. 
7. Season 4: Vic and Shane face off but decide to reconcile
8. Season 4:  Monica, aware that Vic is probably guilty of something but not realizing how bad it is, warns Vic to be careful after she's been dismissed
9. Season 5: Shane's misguided murder of Lemmy to protect the Strike Team
10. Season 5 (same episode): Vic and Kavanagh face off after Lemmy's murder
11. Season 6: Kavanagh goes to jail but tells Vic he has inner peace now and Vic doesn't
12. Season 6(?): Billingsley gets emotionally involved for once and tells parents that they were responsible for their daughter's death
13. Season 7: Tavon tells Shane he knows Shane took advantage of his amnesia and that he's innocent
14. Season 7: Cassidy tells her father (Vic) she's figured out he's bad person
15: Season 7: Shane makes himself scarce once he realizes he's about to be implicated in a failed murder attempt on Vic
16. Season 7: Vic's confession
17. Dutch tells Claudette his firing "didn't take".
18. Season 7 (same episode): Shane kills hims family and himself so they can stay together
19. Season 7 (same episode): Vic's showdown with Claudette, with Ronnie getting arrested
20. Season 7 (same episode): Vic gets a desk job

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