Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perfume in Transit

Today I had a nice Thanksgiving lunch at Brannigans with a friend.  Taking a bus downtown from there and sitting near the back of the bus, we both noticed the overpowering scent of someone’s perfume, though it affected my friend worse than me.  We moved closer to the front of the bus. A little better but we could still smell it. My friend decided there was an errand that could be done a stop or two ahead of the one we were going to get off at, wghich I was very agreeable to.  But then my friend suddenly remembered a grocery errand so we got off at Wellburn’s one stop ahead of that one; I was quite agreeable to that as well.  The perfume smell was so strong that even after getting off the bus we could still smell it. In fact it was only around the time we finished shopping at Wellburn’s that the smell finally dissipated.  My suspicion is that if that person on the bus were to die tomorrow, whatever company that makes the perfume would wonder why their profits suddenly plummeted.

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