Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pacific Northwest Trip Summer 2011 Day 12 Friday August 5

This is the twelfth of a series of posts dealing my eighth trip to Seattle as an adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification. 

Got up early enough that I could have taken the first ferry to Bainbridge but that always results in a long stopover, so instead I casually walked to the ferry terminal, taking early morning pics along the way, including of Pike Place Market and Hammering Man (a statue with an arm with hammer that goes up and down).  I ate breakfast at the McDonald's at the ferry terminal and then took the ferry to Bainbridge.  It was a bit misty, so poetically Seattle gradually faded out.

At Bainbridge I got on the 90 bus to Poulsbo.  I overheard a couple Maryland teachers doing the same route as me so I helped them out off and on for the rest of the trip.  At Poulsbo. I transferred to the 7 bus.  While waiting to leave the driver pointed out an eagle on the ground with something in its mouth; not sure what, but if it's not too unnerving will post pics later. I took this bus to the 4 Corners stop, a little outside of Port Townsend (which there was no time to visit), and got a pop from the store at 4 Corners.  While waiting for the next bus, the second of two zippers in the main section of my large bag broke, causing an increasing problem for the rest of the trip.

[NOW: Also helped out a couple of travellers heading to Victoria. The 90 bus is Kitsap Transit.  The 7 bus was Jefferson Transit.]

The 8 bus to Sequim arrived and in Sequim transferred to the 30 bus to Port Angeles.  There, visited Port News and Books, E-Z Pawn, Bay Variety, and Odyssey Books.  Took various statue pics; one street has a bunch of abstract sculptures resembling decapitated people. Ate lunch at the Dairy Queen, including a peanut butter sundae.  Did a final bit of exploring, including seeing the Rocktopus statue (made of rocks of course). Didn't want too far because even wheeling the large bag it was pretty heavy
[NOW: The 8 bus is Jefferson Transit, so I used a day pass I cot from the 7 bus. The 30 bus is Clallum Transit. The Dairy Queen is right at Gateway Transit Center.]

Took the ferry from Port Angeles.  At Customs, they wanted to check my bags.  Since most of my stuff was in bags with receipts corresponding more or less to what was in each bag, that went reasonably smoothly, at least given that I was screened out in the first place.  Heading out, some stuff fell out of my bag but I was watching my bag now that it was split way open and couldn't be closed (this started to happen in earnest on the ferry); used my coat to protect the stuff as I put the stuff back in.  Met up with a friend at the waterfront and then returned home.  More stuff fell out at one point even leaning forward, but again, I was expecting this (I actually thought it would happen more frequently, actually) and I'm pretty sure that anything that I hadn't lost before today made it home.  Rest of the day wasn't really trip related, thought I did look through a book I bought on the trip a fair bit.

[NOW: The ferry from Port Angeles was Black Ball Transport’s Coho ferry, as the Victoria Express ferry service no longer runs.]

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