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Pacific Northwest Trip Summer 2011 Day 9 Tuesday August 2

This is the ninth of a series of posts dealing my eighth trip to Seattle as an adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification. 

I got woken up last night by some guy saying "Turn around, turn around." Took a bit to fully rest.  Between him, that hassle from yesterday, and the wrecked camera, I really needed to de-stress today.  So...

The first part of the day was a mixture of the first half of what I had planned to do the previous Wednesday (the second half I actually did) and what I had planned for tomorrow/next Wednesday.

I got up after 6 am, went to the downtown transit tunnel just long enough to add money to my ORCA card, took a 510 bus to Everett Station (planned both Wednesdays), and from there took a 202 bus to Marysville, where I bought a DVD at Kmart and grabbed breakfast to go from the McDonald's across the street (this was part of last Wed's itinerary).  I dashed south a ways and ate the breakfast at a bus stop and then took a 221 bus to Lake Stevens (Lake Stevens was part of this Wed's itinerary, though I had planned to head there from Everett; the next bit is all this Wed's itinerary, at least in terms of municipalities).  In Lake Stevens visited Rite Aid, Blockbuster (not yet open), 7-11, Walgreen's.  I went from Lake Stevens back to Everett Station via the 280 bus.

[NOW: The 510 bus is Sound Transit. The other busses are Community Transit, though the 221 route has been eliminated.]

There I took a 270 bus to Gold Bar (passing Snohomish, Monroe, Sultan, Startup). Sky Valley Video is going out of business and apparently was open today but not until 4 so I had to skip the sale.  I took another 270 back to Sultan (nothing in Startup to warrant an hour's wait between busses).  At the Texaco store the sign said that cheeseburgers were $1.29 and the package said $1.36. I was actually charged $1.99 each.  Movie Box didn't open until 2.  Also I visited Hoot Owl store, Sultan Market, Sultan Park.  There was also a free museum there and I got permission to take photos there. I also got some info at the Tourist Info Center.  I then took a 270 back to Monroe, where I visited Video Factory, than dashed quite a ways along the highway (including passing construction) and managed to intercept at 275 back to Everett.
[NOW: The busses above are Community Transit.]

This took care of most of my plans for this Wed so back to my plans for last Wed.  While the bus was late, the 9 bus was also delayed by a wheelchair so I managed to take it a little ways north (still Everett) to Buy & Sell.  Didn't feel right buying DVDs there.  Some were as low as $1, $2, $3 and I didn't see a VISA machine so I didn't like the way the math was adding up.  I walked south to Bargain CDs.  Their DVDs were hard to look at (had to flip through them to read titles).  I then Walked to Everett Comics and then took a bus to Everett Mall.

[NOW: The busses above except the aforementioned 275 are Everett Transit.]

At the mall I visited Comic Stop, bought a DVD set at my final visit to Everett's Borders, then crossed the street north to Half Prices Books. I was a little tempted because they had DVD ROMs of Jughead and Betty & Veronica, but the sets only covered the 1970s, minimizing the historic interest, and really, not a big fan of Archie titles.
[NOW: As the above implies, Borders is now defunct.]

Having now covered the first half of my last Wednesday plans as well, it was time to go off itinerary. I did a long dash and visited the Blockbuster near Evergreen Way (part of the hwy system), then took the CSwift bus south to Aurora Transit Center in Shoreline (thus some of this route covered the same area as last Wed).  There I got on the wrong bus but figured it out in time.  I took the 146 bus south, getting off early on purpose (now in the north end of Seattle) but accidentally heading the wrong direction on foot.  Correcting this, I had dinner at the Quiznos across the street from Northgate Mall, bought a Green Lantern novel written by comic book writer Christopher Priest (nee Jim Owsley), walked through the mall which at the south end was a few floors up, and crossed a bridge to a Park & Ride which I went to the roof of for photos.  Returning to ground level, I bought the Ultimate DVD set for Watchmen at Northgate area's Silver Platters, then took the 5 bus to near the hostel.
[NOW: The Blockbuster near Everegreen Way is now closed. The CSwift bus is Community Transit. The other busses are Metro Transit.]

At the hostel I dropped off some stuff, started charging batteries (unfortunately the past few days I've only been able to charge a couple at a time because the person above me's been using the other outlet).  I walked downtown, bought a book at Borders (there was "ballroom" dancing across the street outdoors, visited Pacific Place (took photos of the penguin made of scrap metal and visited the Barnes & Noble there).  I walked north to Seattle Center.  Saw a rollerblading area I hadn't seen before.  Took some evening shots of the International Fountain while someone in the background played Mocambo(?) drums.  I walked to Metropolitan Market (bought some real/Labatt's Blue beer there), visited Easy Street Records, returned to Seattle Center for some night shops, then returned to the hostel.
[NOW:  Again, Borders is now defunct.]               

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