Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mishaps with My Current Camera Type

In some cases a camera suffered more than one mishap

  1. Camera #1: Started getting blurry photos and then stopped working due to showers east of Toronto
  2. Camera #2: Tripped over a hole caused by a stolen manhole camera, thus wrecking that camera
  3. Camera #1: Having recovered from the rainstorm above, fell onto carpet in a comic shop in Duncan; now only takes blurry photos
  4. Camera #3: I asked if a water ride at Wild Waves Water Park in Federal Way was camera safe and was told it was.  It went under a chlorinated waterfall and stopped working the next morning
  5. Camera #4: Due to time on the beach, continued to work, but suffered a nasty scratch somewhere
  6. Camera #5:Pprobably another beach casualty, coupled with temperate extremes riding the Coho ferry to Port Angeles (en route to Seattle); quit on me as I was arriving at Port Angeles
  7. Camera #4: Quit on me as I was arriving at Elk Lake (probably a d3elayed effect of the beach, plus arriving at a day when the weather abruptly turned worse; resumed working the next day
  8. Camera #4: Quit on me on a bus ride downtown, probably due to the above; worked again before the end of the bus trip.
  9. Camera #4: As above again; this time quit on me shortly after visiting a garage sale on Saltspring Island; gradually worked its way back to taking photos, but still has that scratch from above and zoom now very limited

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