Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Less Direct Transit Routes from Victoria to Seattle

I’ve already covered Victoria to Seattle via Port Angeles and Port Townsend here:, but there are two other routes that also work.  Note that with the Anacortes route at certain times of the year you may not be able to return that way (hence my only listing the way there below).

I haven’t actually tried either of these in theory they should work.  These are both for if you not only want to save money but also take a particularly scenic route.  Prices are as of 2012. 

From downtown Victoria (weekday)
  1. 70 (Victoria Regional Transit) Government & Superior (Victoria) 10:12 to 5th & Beacon (Sidney) 10:57 ($2.50 Canadian; other prices American; the 72 bus also works)
  2. Washington State Ferry  (Sidney) 12:05 to Anacortes Ferry Terminal 3:00 ($18)
  3. 410 (Skagit Transit) Anacortes Ferry Terminal 3:55 to March’s Point Park & Ride (Anacortes) 4:25 ($1)
  4. 411W (Skagit or Island Transit) March’s Point Park & Ride (Anacortes) 4:30 to Skagit Station (Mount Vernon) 4:50 (transfer?)
  5. 90X (Skagit Transit) Skagit Station (Mount Vernon) 5:25 to Everett Station (Everett) 6:10 ($2)
  6. 510 (Sound Transit) Everett Station (Everett) 6:20 to 5th Ave & Pine St (Seattle) 7:08

From downtown Victoria (weekday summer only; all prices $US)
  1. Coho  ferry (Black Ball Transport) 6:10 to Black Ball Ferry Terminal (Port Angeles) circa 8:00 ($17)
  2. 15 (Clallum Transit) Gateway Transit Center (Port Angeles) 9:30 to Forks Transit Center (Forks) 10:50 ($1.50)
  3. Olympic Connector (Jefferson Transit) Forks Transit Center (Forks) 11:05 to Amanda Park 12:32 (50c)
  4. 60 (Gray’s Harbor Transit) Amanda Park 12:55 to Hoquiam Station (Hoquiam) 1:45 (50c?)
  5. 40 Hoquiam Station 7th & J (Hoquiam) 2:50 to Olympia Greyhound 5:00 ($2 with transfer?) NOTE: The 2:10 terminates at McCleary Station so don’t get on that one
  6. 603 (Intercity Transit) Capitol Way and 5th (bus leaves Olympia Transit Center at 5:05) to Tacoma Dome Station Zone E (Tacoma) 6:15  ($2.50)
  7. 594 (Sound Transit) Tacoma Dome Station Zone B (Sound Transit) 6:31 to 4th Ave & Union St (Seattle) 7:19 ($3.50)

Note: if you miss the 5:05 connection at Olympia, do the following (same prices):
  1. 603 (Intercity Transit) Olympia Transit Center & Washington (Olympia) to Pacific Hwy SW & Lakewood Station (Lakewood) 6:17
  2. 594 (Sound Transit) Lakewood Station Bay B (Lakewood) 6:28 to 4th Ave & Union (Seattle) 7:49

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