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Pacific Northwest Trip 2015 Day 6 Friday July 17: Portland, Clackamas, Johnson City, Oatfield, Gladstone, Oregon City, West Linn, Oak Grove, Milwaukie

This is the 6th of a series of posts dealing with my 2015 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

First off I'll add an extra day to the Providence Park old name contest, so Sunday BUT now two people have used Wiki to find the info. The idea is to test the memory (or do some clever detective work); it's cheating if you just Google it.

[NOW: Providence Park MAX Station was previously JELD-WEN MAX Station.]

Definitely a day of mishaps though luckily of the type that's easy to come back from.  Nothing lost or damaged. I woke up at 3 and couldn't get back to sleep. Finally got up just before 4:45 and went to the Union Stn/SW 6th & Hoyt MAX Station and got a daypass. I took me 20 minutes to notice the screen saying no train for another 45 minutes. I walked to the same Subway as last night but it wasn't yet open. I grabbed breakfast at 7-11 and briefly visited Mill Ends Park. I walked to SW 6th & Madison MAX Station and took the Green MAX train (all trips today TriMet Transit) to Clackamas Town Centre MAX Station in Clackamas. I walked to Clackamas Town Center Transit Center and took the 75 bus to SW Roots St, Oatfield, missing my stop because the bus screen and audio voice indicated some stops but not others. Another issue this whole day is I've only found one bus schedule thus far. I got a bit turned around but then crossed the street to the tiny town of Johnson City. Yes, Roots runs along Johnson City. Ahem. It's only 0.18 km so it's probably the smallest Johnson in the US if not the entire world. Didn't see any store but the City Hall was by Johnson Lake. I walked east to a stop in Oatfield and after a bit of a wait took the temporary (due to construction) 179 bus to Gladstone. Not as close as the 79 would have been to where I wanted off but close enough. I headed west and then crossed the Clackamas River Bridge (yes over that river) into Oregon City. Now, you know how with many towns you want to get past the fast food places etc. to get to the prettier part of town? Well, with Oregon City aside from part of the river walk and one small strip, the fast food places ARE the prettier part of town; Very industrial. I crossed the Willamette River briefly into West Linn and back, on the way back spotting the Willamette Falls.

[NOW: The hostel I stayed at was Northwest Portland Hostel. The bridge I crossed to and from West Linn was Oregon City Arch Bridge.]

Heading northwest to get a better view of the falls, I was briefly blocked when the sidewalk seemed to end at a tunnel. Finally, I spotted an unmarked pedestrian tunnel. Reaching the falls view area of Oregon City I noticed the falls weren't natural but rather a dam from the ugly industrial complex. Heading to a bus stop and wanting to get out of this ugly town, I waited a while and the 33 finally came and took me to Oak Grove. Mike's Comics Collectibles was gone and CD/Game Exchange wasn't yet open. I then made a huge mistake and waited for the 32 bus a block away, not realizing it was far more infrequent than the 33 and going to the same place. About 40 minutes later the bus finally arrived, by which point I was in a pretty bad mood.

[NOW: When I walked to the 32 stop, I crossed over from Oak Grove to Oatfield.]

I bought a DVD in Milwaukie at a store called Acme-TV Movie Classics. I also photographed the headquarters of the comic company Dark Horse. Things from Another World wasn't yet open. I should have stayed longer in Milwaukie because it seems nice but was still frazzled from before and so instead took the 29 bus back to Clackamas Town Center, passing Johnson City along the way. I decided to skip the mall but did walk to nearly Happy Valley and back. I got on the Green MAX train again at Clackamas Town Centre MAX Station, took it to Rose Quarter Station, and then took a northbound 4 bus to Mississippi Rd.

Reading Frenzy had little stock. I visited Bridge City Comics, made friends with a bulldog, and bought DVDs at CD/Game Exchange.  I took another 4 bus to near Title Wave Books,  a fancy library bookstore. For the first time I didn't find any books I wanted to buy though I did get two DVDs. Returning to the bus stop, another 4 bus got stuck in congested  traffic and I was a bit overheated by the time the bus drove from east to west through downtown and then east again. I got a bit confused and thought Clinton Street Video had closed but in my tired state (2 pm and no lunch) didn't realize yet I was on the wrong street. I walked north to Hawthorne and then east from there. I was pleased that I spotted my old hostel from 2008 before I saw the hostel sign. A quick visit to a record store, then I took the 15 bus east a ways. I had lunch at Subway and then visited CD/Game Exchange and Powell’s on Hawthorne before heading to Belmont and walking to Walgreen's.

[NOW: The hostel from 2008 was HI Portland Hawthorne Hostel. It’s a decent hostel; I just prefer staying closer to downtown.]

Because i didn't have a card and was too tired to sign up for one, i was overcharged for pop and returned it. I walked to Movie Madness, which seems to alternate because lots of neat stuff and stuff I’m not interested in. This being an even year, it was the latter. Realizing my earlier video store mistake I took a 75 south to Division, a 4 bus west, and then walked south to Clinton Street Video. Returning to the bus stop I arrived downtown. I saw a bus I wanted to catch but the bus wasn't stopping near there so I skipped that plan until tomorrow (by the way, everything after title Wave was originally planned for tomorrow at some point).

[NOW: The bus downtown was another 4 bus.]

I saw a Red Line MAX train and took it to the airport just to see the airport. There I drank lots of cold water. I took a Red Line MAX train back south to 182nd St, where I got back advice on which direction to catch a 72 bus. I soon course corrected and took the 72 bus to Alberta Rd, where I bought DVDs at the only remaining VideoRama I hadn't been to before. I took another 72 bus to Killingsworth MAX Station, briefly getting a nice and cold water from a vending machine at 76 gas station. I took the Yellow Line MAX train downtown and grabbed pizza to go from Sbarro. I visited Mill Ends Park, sat at Salmon Springs, visited Mill Ends again, and walked past the animal fountains to a much larger fountain I kept meaning to go to called Teachers Fountain. In that area they were doing Shakespeare.

[NOW: All branches of VideoRama have closed down. The Sbarro was at Pioneer Place; it has also closed. The animal fountains are called Animals in Pool fountain. Teachers Fountain and the Shakespeare production were at Director Park.]

Walking to near my place I looked a beer prices at Whole Foods Market but their beer was... organic prices. I found another smaller organic convenience store that had some inexpensive non organic beer and returned to the hostel. Tomorrow I'm going to do the impossible:  have a low key day!

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