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Pacific Northwest Trip 2015 Day 12 Thursday July 23: Seattle, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland

This is the 12th of a series of posts dealing with my 2015 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

Today I walked to Seattle Center and noticed the fencing was being removed from around the International Fountain, so I knew it would be back on today. I walked along Queen Anne and noticed a Thai place called Phuket. "Don't know where to eat? Phuket!" I returned to Seattle Center by way of Key Arena. In one area a theatre group had the same show as "Now Showing" and "Coming Soon". Maybe it's a time travel place?

Lots of construction in Portland and Seattle by the way. One difference between construction in Seattle and Victoria BC construction is that in Seattle, if you see cones around the construction area they're a path for construction workers and not intended as a temporary pedestrian walkway.

I waked down to Washington State Convention Center before returning to the hostel for breakfast. At the bus stop by Cinerama which is showing Ant-Man, etc. I took a 554 bus (Sound Transit) to Mercer Island (the name of both the island and municipality), specifically Mercer Island Park & Ride. I took photos of the I-90 Art Corridor and wandering the north end of the island a little more before returning to the Park & Ride. I took another 554 to Issaquah Transit Center in Issaquah.  I walked to a little shopping area in the north end, crossing through a park to Barnes & Noble. Crossing back I learned the park was called Pickering Park.  i returned to Issaquah Transit Center, I got there just in time to take another 554 bus east to I-90/142nd Station, where I crossed a bridge over the highway and down the stairs at Eastgate Park & ride. On the ground a 245 bus (King County Metro Transit) was just arriving. I was going to take a 271 bus to Crossroads but this one was also going there so I took it instead.

[NOW: The hostel I stayed at was City Hostel Seattle.

At Crossroads I visited half Price Books and Barnes & Noble but that Silver Platters had closed down. I took a 271 but to Redmond, getting some DVDs at Half Price Books and visiting Redmond Town Center before taking a 248 bus (Metro Transit) to Kirkland Transit Center in Kirkland.

[NOW: Contrary to what someone told me, Bellevue’s Silver Platters hasn’t closed; it only moved out of Crossroads.]

This was my first real visit to Kirkland, though I had been stuck at a park and ride on the south end if I recall correctly during my second Seattle trip as an adult. So this was intended to give me better memories. Kirkland I actually found a bit dull. I did have lunch at Wendy's I asked for a Coke no ice and he punched it in before giving me ice. I later got a refill to compensate. I visited Parkplace Books and wandered downtown a little. I got some okay art photos but the sculptures were a bit to scattered and my interest too low to do a scavenger hunt for them.

[NOW: The park and ride I mostly likely got stuck at years ago was South Kirkland Park & Ride. Parkplace Books has closed down.]

I decided to skip the last item on my itinerary for today, a revisit to Gas Works Park which I might do later. Instead I took a 255 bus (King County Metro Transit) to Westlake Station in Seattle's Downtown Transit Tunnel. There I switched to a Central Link (Sound Transit) light rail train to Othello Station and a 50 bus (Metro Transit) to Seward Park to commence finishing off my Friday itinerary, already mostly covered on Tuesday. I swam there (Lake Washington) and did a circle around the park, going the opposite direction than I'd done before, getting nice shots of Lake Washington and, in the background, Mercer Island. I took another 50 bus to the SoDo district where i visited the Silver platters that used to be near Seattle Center. I got some DVDs. I took a 21-becoming-5 bus (King County Metro Transit) to near Seattle Center, grabbing dinner to go at the McDonald’s with the sports balls in the cylinders.

I relaxed at the international Fountain at Seattle Center. A seagull found boxes with discarded pizza. I got some nice shots and video of the fountain shooting blasts of water straight up with a cannon sound. Some bikers circled around the fountain a few times (read: bicycles not motorcycles). When it started getting cool I returned to the hostel. Other than the trip home the rest of the trip will be in Seattle unless I change my mind.

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