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Pacific Northwest Trip 2015 Day 16 Monday July 27: Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Sequim, Port Angeles, Victoria

This is the 16th and last of a series of posts dealing with my 2015 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

First off a few oversights: Seattle Center has had a Darth Vader and stormtrooper posing for photos. Number of times my fare was checked on any light rail system this trip: none. Yesterday I took photos of what was going to be called the South Lake Union Trolley before it was called a streetcar instead due to the acronym (the acronym stuck). It’s a nice ride but a bit out of the way once it leaves Westlake so I couldn't make it work this trip. Worth doing if you have a transfer (only possible with ORCA card) but probably not worth paying $2.50 to do.

[NOW: The new ORCA daypass system should allow me more times to ride.]

I got up around 5 and checked out of City of Hostel Seattle. I lugged my stuff to the McDonald's on 3rd Ave where I had breakfast partly using a voucher I won the day before at the one by Seattle Center (saved money on the pop). I walked to Pike Place Market and saw Rachel the Pig once last time. I got my stuff to the Washington State Ferries terminal. ORCA card's getting low so I paid for the ferry ticket by VISA instead. Not long after it left Seattle a mist blocked the view of the city. Not a bad way to make an exit. The mist cleared as the ferry approached Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal (Bainbridge Island is the name of both island and municipality). I took a 90 bus (Kitsap Transit) to Poulsbo Transfer Center in Poulsbo where I switched to a 7 bus (Jefferson Transit), getting a slight discount due to ORCA card. I got off at the new Four Corners loop that replaced the old stops (Four Corners is a road just south of Port Townsend. I don't think it's officially part of any city). I visited a store in the area before getting an 8 bus (Jefferson Transit) to Sequim Transit Center, Sequim. I asked someone to keep an eye on my stuff and did a very short walk partly around the block, passing through Seal Street Park.

[NOW: Rachel is a giant piggybank. The revamped Four Corners stop is Four Corners Park and Ride and the store by it is Four Corners Grocery Store.]

Back at the transit center, I took a 30 Commuter bus to Gateway Transit Center, Port Angeles. I walked to E-Z Pawn and got some blu-rays. Turned out to be a good move as they offered to lert me keep my stuff there. Now I lot lighter, I climbed the steps from 1st to 2nd St for the view. Returning to 1st I walked east out of downtown to Angeles Pawn. I was going to walk to McDonald's but was a bit tired and opted for Jack in the Box. Remembering the U District in Seattle I was prepared for their efforts to upsize and insisted on the combo at the price indicated. Returning downtown I visited the Rocktopus and the observation nearby. Then I visited Odyssey Books & Gifts and Bay Variety before heading back to 2nd St for more of the aerial views there. I went back down to 1st and visited Port Book and News before grabbed my stuff from E-Z Pawn. I visited the Chamber of Commerce to use the computer there to get the purchases converted to $Can and then walked to Black Ball ferry Terminal and took the Coho ferry to Victoria. No problem getting through Customs & Immigration and nothing pressing at home where I dropped off my stuff.

[NOW: The 30 bus was Clallam Transit.]

Not entirely trip related but odd: as I walked to my volunteer place (Pacific Peoples' Partnership) to see some familiar faces, I saw on poles, crescent moons but done as a profile of Santa Claus' face. Okay I realize the weather hasn't been great lately but still... And that's a wrap for 2015!

[NOW: I think the Santa stuff was for a movie shoot.]

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