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Eastern Canada Trip 2016 Day 7 Monday June 20: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham

This is the 7th of a series of posts dealing with my 2016 trip to Toronto, Montreal, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

First off forgot to mention yesterday that I saw a woman leaning into a car and talking to a guy. I suppose she could have just been asking directions but... Also, my friend Barry told me that according to the news the protest I saw on Saturday turned violent including rioting. I did notice the blue signs everywhere before the protest and people were angry but hadn't realized it had gotten that bad. So ironically my sore feet might have actually saved me some grief. Otherwise I might have returned at the wrong time as there was a poutine place I was thinking of trying.

[NOW: I later learned that the Montreal riot actually happened closer to Place des Arts, other place I could easily have been.]

Didn't manage to meet up with Aidan last night. I did see one roach in a bathroom near the kitchen yesterday but only the one so far. I actually slept pretty good last night. Woke up and fell right back to sleep a few times. Got up just before 6. My coat was packed due to predicted thunderstorms; more on this below.  All transportation today TTC/Toronto Transit Commission. At St. Patrick Station I took the 1/Yonge-University-Spadina line train north to Wilson Station. A 96A driver told me I needed to take a 96B bus to my next destination, so a few minutes later the 96B bus arrived and I took it to the west end of Finch in Toronto. I walked west along Finch into Mississauga then Brampton where I saw a little of the entrance to Wild Water Kingdom, though a locked gate kept me from seeing too much. I could have walked around the gate but didn't want to trespass and just wanted to see the outside anyway.

[NOW: Wild Water Kingdom is now called Wet'n'Wild Toronto.]

Returning to where I got off the but I had a Tim Horton’s breakfast in an On the Run Station. I missed a couple of back to back buses but then a 36 bus to Finch Station showed up. I was a bit relieved as the 96 bus goes through residential neighborhood and I hadn't wanted to take it through a dull path again. Plus there were a few places north of Finch I walked to visit. At Finch Station I took a 97? bus to Steeles Ave and, crossing the street to Vaughan, grabbed a drink at a Dollarama. I walked a little ways east and then briefly crossed the street into Markham just to say i visited there this trip. I snapped some shots, crossed back into Vaughan, and then when the lights turned, crossed the street again south into Toronto.

I took a 36 bus back to Finch station, then a 1 train to Lawrence Station. I worked my way to Avenue Rd (yes, Avenue Rd) where I bought some blu-rays at Videoflicks. I took a 61 bus to Eglinton Station and visited BMV Books. I took a 1 train from Eglinton Station to St Clair Station and visited Book City. I was going to take a streetcar from there but a number of streetcars went temporarily out of commission as of yesterday. Instead I took a 1 train to Bloor-Yonge Station and then a 2/Bloor-Danforth train to Kipling Station. On the 111 bus a TTC worker announced that passes and tokens are ending at the end of the year and people wanting those will need to get a PRESTO card. On the way out of the bus I asked about travellers arriving from the airport and was told that cash would still be accepted.

I got off at Cloverdale Mall. It was 12:50 so i went to KFC but was turned away, told that the chicken was cooking. After eating lunch at A&W I looked at Sunrise Records, one of the few (two?) left in Toronto Very small. Very painful too see after the larger ones that use to be on Yonge St. I took another 111 bus to Kipling Station. It was too soon to check out a video store near Jane Station that opens at 2 so I took the 2 train instead to Bay Station. I could have taken it further east but I liked the walk so instead I walked from there to Mike's Music, which is closed on Mondays; en route I got an odd tasting (even by their standards) non-alcoholic beer. The hops didn't mix well with the very strong caramel flavour. 

[NOW: At the time there was only one Sunrise Records left in Toronto, but now there’s two due to Sunrise converting former HMV locations.]

Greek City was unlocked so on a whim I went in to see what sort of closing deals they had but a woman told me they were closed. I visited Book City, Re:  Reading, Game Centre, and Circus Books and Music before getting a Slurpee at 7-11. At Donlands Station (by my hostel from last Toronto trip, The Only Backpackers Inn) I took the 2 train to Kennedy Station. I switched from there to 3/Scarborough Line (above ground).and took it to Scarborough Town Centre (Station and actual centre). After a quick look around, I took the 3 Line back to Midland station, visited Deja Vu Discs at Kennedy Commons, then a final 3 train back to Kennedy Station. I had time to kill and tour around so instead of taking a 2 train straight from there to Jane Station, I took it to Broadview, switched to a 506 streetcar, took that to Dundas West Station and from there took the 2 train to Jane Station. While on the streetcar the rainfall happened. I don't mean is started. I mean it happened, as it had stopped or was just spitting by the time I left the streetcar. I also noticed there's a street named after Joe Shuster, which Iwas happy about. He may only be known for one thing, but being the original Superman artist is no small thing.

At Jane Station Red Nails II comic shop was closed for the day but I really wanted to visit 2 for 1 Movies nearby, now open for the day. I didn't find anything so i took the 2 train from Jane Station to Bathurst Station. Aside from the signature store, the Honest Ed's complex has a few other stores renting space (Suspect Video being one). In this instance I had dinner at the Hero Burgers in the Honest Ed's complex. I bought a suitcase at Honest Ed's itself, knowing I'd need a second one for the return trip. I walked a little ways south and got on a 506 bus, both temporarily replacing the streetcar of same number and on detour route. I got off at College and University and walked back to Backpackers on Dundas to drop off the suitcase. I visited the water jets at Yonge-Dundas Square and also watched a guy on unicycle juggling torches. I then returned to the hostel.

[NOW: Honest Ed’s, Suspect Video, and the Hero Burgers at Honest Ed’s are now closed.]

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