Sunday, May 7, 2017

Eastern Canada Trip 2016 Day 6 Sunday June 19: Montreal to Toronto

This is the 6th of a series of posts dealing with my 2016 trip to Toronto, Montreal, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

Using a larger keyboard now. That should make these a little more readable though also very sleep deprived. Last night I did another walk to the Illuminated Crowd before returning to Auberge Bishop. Had trouble sleeping last night though did have inspiration on how to repack my stuff to make the suitcase as light as possible: books, dirty clothes, newspapers and the like in backpack, DVDs and clean clothes in the suitcase (oversimplifying a little). I walked to the same art corridor as before at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts/Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, went to one of the rue Ste-Catherine McDonald's for breakfast, walked along rue Ste-Catherine, then returned to the hostel. My short sleeved pants were starting to tear at the crotch (I caught it before it was noticeable) so I switched to swim trunks and trashed the torn pants.

I checked out and walked to the Megabus station by way of Dorchester Square/Square Dorchester. I sat in the wrong place in the line but luckily I was allowed to switch closer to where I was supposed to be in line. No issues with my suitcase and while the bus was a single-decker, I snagged the front seat. My camera tended to blur sometimes and occasionally I fought sleep but I more or else photo-documented the trip back properly. At Kingston passengers kept trying to make it a rest break instead of just letting people on or off.

In Toronto I got off at a part of the Coach Terminal very near Backpackers on Dundas. After checking in walked to BMV Books on Edward St and then Hairy Tarantula on Yonge St before having a late lunch at the McDonald's a couple doors down.  I decided to skip some places on my itinerary that i didn't feel like doing today, partly because I did them Tuesday, partly because I thought I was in a time crunch due to a friend meet. I did buy some oddball movies at 7-24 Movies & More on Church St. On Bloor St there was a Yorkville Exotic Car Show. My friend Aidan phone to postpone until later. I visited Bloor's BMV Books, then Honest Ed's, then Suspect Video.

[NOW: 7-24 Movies & More, Honest Ed's, and Suspect Video are all now closed. The other location of 7-24 on Queen St also closed.]

Iceman Video Games no longer sells DVDs in its new location. I saw the new style streetcar though the old style is still prevalent. I bought some DVDs at Sonic Boom Records. On Queen St I saw a 1951 streetcar. Now that one I did want to ride but it's private use. I more or less confirmed that Digital Convenience was gone, likely even during my first visit in 2011. I went to the Canadian Walk of Fame. I didn’t photograph as much as before but did notice a few new ones such as a shared one for Don Cherry & Ron Maclean. I had dinner at the Burger King across from Toronto Eaton Centre. At Yonge-Dundas Square they no longer have the electronic ticker-tape thus ending a typo of their own, misspelling Niagara. I returned to Edward's BMV Books to stay nearby waiting for Aidan to be ready and then went back to the hostel to do this report while waiting. At this point I hope to still meet him but fighting sleep. Outcome in tomorrow's report.

[NOW: To clarify, Iceman moved from Augusta Ave to Queen St. Prior to this trip, the Augusta Ave and Bathurst St locations of Sonic Boom Records merged and moved to Spadina Ave. I later found out that the vintage streetcar is free to ride on Sundays. The meet with Aidan got moved to later in the trip.]

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