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Pacific Northwest Trip 2015 Day 10 Tuesday July 21: Seattle, Sumner, Tacoma, Puyallup, Auburn, Federal Way, Tukwila, Burien

This is the 10th of a series of posts dealing with my 2015 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

First off a few oversights: In both downtown Portland and yesterday morning downtown Seattle I visited Target. At one area on Burnside Rd Portland where the transient population is particularly high there's a sign asking people to leave room for pedestrians to pass.

I was going to take a bus to Tacoma but woke up at 5:30 and decided to take the Sounder (Sound Transit). My understanding was that using an ORCA card due to transfers, if you got off in Sumner and then back on to Tacoma, you only paid the  difference but no, full fare, plus no transfers to buses with Sounder unlike link trains. Not realizing this, because I was on an earlier Sounder train I did get off in Sumner (Sumner Sounder Station) and wandered around, something I'd been meaning to do for years, not having explored it enough previously. At Day & Night Grocery I got directions to the nearest fast food place for breakfast with proved to be McDonald's. I ordered to go and dashed back to Sumner Sounder Station, taking another train to Tacoma Dome Station in Tacoma. There I took the free Tacoma Link train (Sound Transit) to Union Station.

[NOW: The hostel I left from is City Hostel Seattle.]

[NOW: ORCA now allows daypasses which are good on Sounder trains as well as buses Link trains, so you can now offset the above issue that way.]

There I visited the Bridge of Glass (not actually made of glass but with glass displays courtesy the nearby Museum of Glass. Arriving at the bus stop near Union, I noticed that by next bus was half an hour or so, but a local suggested a two-bus alternative that saved me a lot of time. So, after first walking up and down University of Washington's steps which were right there. I took the 1 bus (Pierce Transit) to 38th Ave S, where the bus got delayed but that was okay because I was getting off there anyway. I took a 54 bus (Pierce Transit) to Tacoma Mall, which I crossed over to OfficeMax.

[NOW: This OfficeMax has now closed.]

Realizing that my new camera was using up my memory cards, I got four 64 GB cards for $40 each. Not as cheap as online but probably as good an in-store price as i was likely to get, though it did put me over my declaration limit. I also bought some DVDs at Half Price Books before returning to the Mall and cutting through it to Tacoma Mall Transit Center across the street.

I took the 3 bus (Pierce Transit) downtown and walked to King's Books; Destiny Comics, new was right beside. Neither was open. Once before I saw a cat at King's Books sleeping in the window before hours but not this time. I walked back downtown then to Union Station and caught another Tacoma Link train back to Tacoma Dome Station. I bought a couple DVDs from Tacoma Book Center and walked up to the actual Tacoma Dome before taking the Tacoma Link one last time to Union Station and there transferring to a 400 bus (Pierce Transit).

The bus was stuck in traffic due to an accident. A pink haired woman was coughing and held on to a number of bars after coughing into her hands, so I tried to avoid touching any bars when I got off the bus at Puyallup Sounder Station in Puyallup. I was going to have lunch there but most of the sculptures in Puyallup were gone, as confirmed by a pawnbroker, and the rest didn't grab me, so I lost interest and soon took a 578 bus (Sound Transit) to Auburn Station in Auburn, noticed that the store cat at Comstock Books and Bindery didn't seem to be in the customer area, and returned to Auburn Station to Take another 578 bus to Federal Way Transit Center, Federal Way.

[NOW: The Puyallup pawn shop was Ace Pawn $ Loan.]

I ate lunch at McDonald's and visited Action City Comics & Toys and Al's Music Games Video before returning to Federal Way Transit Center. I took the A Rapidride bus (King County Metro Transit) to Tukwila international Blvd Station and there switched to an F Rapidride bus (King County Metro Transit) to Westfield Southcenter. I visited f.y.e. in that mall then crossed the street to Tukwila Pond Park. I visited Half Price Books, revisited the park (the restroom smelled horrible) and grabbed another F bus to Burien Transit Center.

There I lucked out: a King County Metro Transit bus had to go to downtown Seattle to relieve a broken bus so the driver allowed on anyone who didn't want to get off along the way.  He did pick up a few more passengers in Seattle before letting people off downtown. It was wild, riding a bus that wasn't on a route; just letting passengers who were heading downtown anyway have a quicker way to get there.

I walked to Pike Place Market and visited First & Pike News and Last Word Books. There were lots of people congregated around the fishmongers but still managed to get in a shot of Rachel the Pig (metal hoofprints crate a path to her). I also visited Golden Age Collectables and BLMF Books and bought DVDs from Holy Cow Records (which seems to be phasing out DVDs) before leaving the market.

[NOW: The main fishmongers is Pike Place Fish. Rachel is a giant piggybank.]

I visited Zanadu Comics before heading to Seattle Center; along the way I saw the giant popsicle statue, Cinerama (which is playing Ant-Man which I hope to see upon my return), and the Chief Sealth (Seattle founder) statue which I also saw yesterday. The International Fountain was still closed. It usually reopens the Wed before the torchlight Parade though. I ate dinner at Quincy’s at the Seattle Center armory before dropping stuff off at the hostel. Some trouble with the keycard reader. I walked to Pacific Place where I got photos of the scrap metal penguin and visited Barnes & Noble. I returned to the hostel by way of the popsicle sculpture, Cinerama, and Regrade Park.

[NOW: Regrade is an off-leash dog park.]

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