Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pet Store Hates Book Store

At one point in Victoria there was a pet store beside a book store, and I occasionally liked to visit the pet store just to look at the animals.  The book store is gone and the pet store’s now in a different location.

Anyway, I started losing interest in the pet store because a guy working there (I think he was gone before they moved) seemed a bit abrasive.  Once I went to then-newly opened book store for the first time, looked at some videos if memory serves, and then visited the pet store after. The guy in the pet store asked me if I liked the book store, but asked in a tone that sounded a bit contemptuous. I said I thought it was  okay. I noticed he was still acting strange.  I was a bit more na├»ve at the time and only shortly thereafter clued I that the reason why there was a rude tone to the way the pet store guy had asked me that was because the book store was a gay/lesbian one, and the pet store guy probably wasn’t fond of the type of people who would patronize that type of store.  Shrug. I’m straight myself but I’m pretty sure I revisited the store a few times after because I like alternative movies and they had a few there, though it didn't last long enough for me to buy any.  Still, the experience did give me a bad feeling towards the pet store and even in its new location I don’t really visit it that often; I find the people there a bit cold, though not even close to being as bad as that one former worker there.  But yeah, if the book store is still in business, I’m content enough in heterosexuality that I’d probably still check out their DVDs from time to time.

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