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Pacific Northwest Trip July 2009 Day 8 Tuesday July 28

This is the eighth of a series of posts dealing my fifth trip to Seattle and second of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of three years later or to add further clarification. 

If those of you in Victoria or relatively nearby are wondering if I'm, getting the same heat here, definitely.  Glad I had a slow day planned because I was doing stuff slower than usual.

I did get out fairly early so visited the Locks to see the Fish Ladder.  Unfortunately very few fish.  With effort I finally found some baby salmon to take pics of.  Also got a pop from a vending machine.

I took a bus to the University of Washington, where I visited Drumheller Fountain (baby ducks where swimming around) and bought a pop at the University Bookstore inside the Husky Union Building.  I then visited University Village, which has a charming sign welcoming people and telling them that access is by permission and can be revoked at any time.  I wandered around a bit and visited Barnes & Noble, where I bought a Marvel theme sack that was on sale for about $4.  I walked to the main commercial district, where I bought another pop at another branch of the University Bookstore, then and visited Bulldog Books.  I visited the Wall of Death display and then returned to the commercial area and visited Half Price Books (bought a graphic novel about the making of the film American Splendor), Subway (bought lunch; the guy kept alternating between me and two people behind me inline), 2nd Time Around Books, Zanadu Comics, Neptune Music, Twice Sold Tales (the cat was very stretched out sleeping at a window), Scarecrow Video (fewer used DVDs than usual), Cinema Books, and Walgreen's (bought more ice tea; again very hot) .

[NOW: I believe the bus I took was the 44/Metro Transit. The Husky Union Building has been closed the last few trips due to renovations. University Village’s Barnes and Noble is now closed; the Marvel bag got worn down to the point of being unusable after about a year.  2nd Time Around Books and the University District’s Twice Sold Tales are now closed. The University District’s Zanadu Comics is now a Comic Stop.]

Took a bus to Sand Point Way, where I visited a government Oceanic Center which had the Sound Grden (an art display where the pipes making odd sounds; the name was used by a Seattle grunge band), then visited Warren H. Magnusson Park next door.  There I saw the dogs in the off leash area before visited the make beach.  This park is at Lake Washington; there was a dock a little offshore so I swam to it a couple times.  Seattle waters are supposed to be cold, but this was fine to swim at.  I finally left in part because I tired of hearing all the lifeguard's commands to various people, grabbed a drink from 7-11, then took a bus back to the University District.

[NOW: The busses were Metro Transit.] 

I passed by Twice Sold Tales where the cat was between naps, apparently unaware that I was looking at it while it was looking at a woman who was apparently unaware that she was being observed by the cat.

I visited Al's Music, Cellophane Square (gone),The Dreaming (bought a couple of old X-Men interview books from the 1980s), and the former location of Soundsations (moved to far out of the area).  I took a bus downtown (when I passed Twice Sold Tales, the cat was on its next nap).  There I visited the metal penguin and Barnes & Noble at Pacific Place (normally I visited there multiple times but not staying downtown this was my first time there this time), then Borders.  The I rode the South Lake Union trolley to Denny Way, where I walked to Seattle Center.

[NOW:  The bus and the trolley are Metro Transit. The trolley was in fact to be called the South Lake Union Trolley. It’s now called a streetcar instead but the unfortunate acronym has stuck.]

At Seattle Center's Center House I grabbed a meal combo, then visited the International Fountain.  More bored/lethargic than usual (probably due to the heat), I visited Silver Platters before returning to the fountain.  Just before I left a marching band playing in the fountain for a bit.

[NOW: It was either Orange Julius or a burger place that I got the meal combo.]

I just missed a bus back to the hostel so I did a quick visit at Easy Street Records.  The 18 was the bus I wanted but was willing to take the 15 bus, which goes a different direction (the two buses alternate every 15 min), but the 15 was so late I decided to wait for the next 18; it arrived before the 15 pulled out. 

[NOW: Both the 15 and 18 are Metro Transit.] 

I went to the Locks Deli and tried to buy a beer (a fridge was broken but the guy had colder beer in the back).  But then the guy changed his mind for some reason and decided not to sell me a beer even though I had ID.  He offered no explanation for this; ah well, I'm starting to get a thicker skin and if he doesn't want my business so be it.  I bought the same brand at a nearby 7-11 (smaller size but still decent price) then walked to the hostel. I should remind Canucks who don't leave the country much that most other countries sell beer in grocery stores and the like.
For those of you who are hawk-eyed, no, I didn't buy any DVDs today.

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