Saturday, June 2, 2012

Howard the Duck and the Big Spender Comment

I was in a book store in the 1990s (I won’t name which one because it’s still in business; it’s not one I’ve worked at though) and they had a bunch of comics in the front of the store.  There wasn’t any prices on the comics or on any sign nearby so I grabbed some and took them to the front to find out the price. It turned out to be a percentage of the price original price or something like that.  I decided that only one was at a price I wanted to pay, a Howard the Duck comic.  The guy actually made an “Oooo, big spender!” remark .  While I have shopped there from time to time I think that’s probably the big reason I don’t shop there too often. It also illustrates one of the reasons I don’t like to ask what stuff with no marked prices cost; things can be awkward if the buyer learns the price and decides it’s too expensive.  I’m sure I’ve passed on a few decent deals simply because the seller wasn’t up front with the price.


Eric said...

I always feel that a merchant that displays an item without a marked price is trying somehow to be devious. And the example you posted about is one of the main reasons why. By taking the item up to the staff, you've now invested time and effort in the item, and the embarrassment at putting it back or leaving it there means you're more likely to buy it than you would otherwise have been! All of which just annoys me, generating a negative emotional backlash against the merchant.
Not to mention the guy in your case was bloody RUDE! I'm tempted to ask what store it was so i can avoid shopping there!

Andy E. Nystrom said...

I considered telling you in private e-mail, but then I decided, do I really want to penalize someone over a stupid remark they made nearly 20 years ago? I can't say for sure that they'd still make the same remark now.

Agreed though about the price thing. More often than not if I break down and ask someone the price of something, I find that it's too much.