Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Douze-y of a View Towers Elevator Miscommunication

This happened years ago and I’m surprised I never got around to telling this story before.

I once got into an elevator at View Towers that was really packed, so much so that I couldn’t reach the elevator buttons. I asked someone to press 2. Instead she pressed 12, as I realized as we went past 2. I pointed out that we were going past the floor. She laughed and went on for a bit about how she thought I had  said “douze”.  Why she thought I was asking for a number in French I have no idea.  I noticed that while she was having a good laugh at her own expense (a healthy attitude for anyone to have to be sure), she was doing nothing to correct her mistake. That I might still want out didn’t seem to occur to her.  Finally, still unable to reach the buttons myself,  I said, “Press. The nearest. Floor.”  That finally spurred her to press 6.  I finally made it out, relieved to get out of the packed elevator and once again in control of my destiny, or at least the next few minutes of it!

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