Monday, June 18, 2012

Commonwealth Pool Homophobe

Another story about being harassed by someone mistakenly believing I was gay.  I like to swim with a shirt on and for a time was swimming at the Saanich Commonwealth Pool regularly. Apparently my wearing a shirt was enough for one teen to assume I was gay.  He kept following me around harassing me, to the point where I had to complain a few times. He tended to hang out with an entourage that wasn’t very bright (one, intentionally or not once belly-flopped off a ten metre board). This guy might have been smarter than his friend but was definitely more aggressive. Someone else I knew who was in fact gay once jokingly offered to bring some of his friends along to the pool, but sadly nothing ever came of that, which is a shame because that could have been fun to watch.  My suspicion is the guy was a closet case himself. I eventually stopped going (I think largely because it was late at night that the really high diving boards were available, and bus service was that good that late).  But if I was a betting man, I’d guess that either he’s admitted his sexuality to himself by now or he’s become an even more militant hating gays.  Me? I still like to swim with a shirt on and my tastes still go towards women, but frankly homophobes strike me as more dangerous than any gay person I know.

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