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Pacific Northwest Trip 2008 Day 3 Wednesday July 23, 2008

This is the third of a series of posts recalling my third annual trip to Seattle. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of five years later or to add further clarification; I use “NOW” to denote such cases.

Okay, really big day. It was pretty overcast most of the day until just after 7pm.  At one point I had to resist the temptation to burst into the theme from Annie ("The sun will come out... tomorrow.)
I started the day around 7:30, visiting Freeway Park, taking photos and vids of the waterfalls there. 

For reasons explained yesterday I was a little short on cash and expected a need throughout the trip so I tried an ATM at the Bainbridge/Bremerton Ferry Terminal but it wouldn't accept my card. Found another ATM nearby and first tried a balance inquiry.   The ATM didn't like that and removed my card.  I tried withdrawing money there.  It accepted that and when it returned my card... it gave me my new balance.

I walked to the fully paved Occidental Park.  Unfortunately hard to get photos in the morning there without the homeless in them.  A store I visited had a cute puppy.  also wandered past the Kingdome Deli.  The Kingdome may be long gone but its memory lingers on.

Visited Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, a small but free museum.  Worth a look.  Bought a ticket for the Underground Tour, visited Elliott Bay Book Co and bought Seattle Then and Now, then returned in time for the tour.  I realized they have some stock gags because at least one joke told to an out-of-towner was a variant of one told two years ago maybe by the same woman, who this time proved to be my tour guide.  The first two sections were in reverse order of last time (I think the 3rd section is always last because it leads to a gift shop).

[NOW: The name notwithstanding, Klondike is entirely an indoor museum, not a park. Elliott Bay Book Company has since moved from the Pioneer Square District to Capital Hill. Seattle Then and Now is a photo book]

I bought a CityPass book (discounted price on five attractions) at Argosy Tours and used one ticket to book a later Argosy Harbor tour.  In the meantime I visited Smith Tower but it wasn't open yet.  I then visited a movie poster shop called Rialto which I'd been trying to get to since my first trip but they have limited hours.  I wasn't sure if you were allowed to take photos and didn't want them to say no so I sneaked in a few photos of the superhero/James Bond section.

[NOW: Rialto closed shortly thereafter]

I visited the same Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum I went to last year to get some digital photos and vids.  There was some noisy kids therebut they finally left.   I then visited the site of the Russian Cobra sub, which I only just learned about this year, but the later there cufrtly said "It's no longer here.  Thank you."  I went to Mcdonald's at the Bainbridge/Bremerton Ferry Terminal to relax a bit before the Harbor tour.

The Argosy Harbor tour was a pleasant enough diversion, though the highlight wasn't an official part of the tour: there was a bald Eagle perched on a ship surveying the area.

I returned to the Smith Tower, getting $1 off because I visited the Underground Tour earlier on that day.  Much to my pleasnat surprise I wasn't as scared as last year, perhaps due in part to having been up the Columbia Tower on Monday.  Thanks to zoom, while some photos have bars on them, not all do (for those new to these reports since last year, Smith Tower's observation deck is open air, contained by metal bars). Both directions I shot video from the old fashion video, which lets you see the floors you're passing.

Next I visited the Seatle Aquarium using a second CityPass ticket.  Unfortunately since two years ago, while renovations were in progress, the shark and seahorses seemed to have been moved out,  However there was some cute birds (I got a puffin squawking on video) and there were sea otters play fighting,

I next went to the Pike Place Market complex.  I took a pic of one store and then noticed the No Photography sign so moved away in a hurry.  At Holy Cow Records I bought a collection of shorts made by a Seattle filmmaker.  There's also a large shoe "museum" (you put in coins and a curtain opens peep show style.  Then I visited the actual main fish market and shot videos of the fish being toss (plus a gag rubber fish).  Given that I'm staying half a block away, I probably couldn't show my face in Victoria again if I didn't get some vids of this now that I have a digital camera. 

[NOW: The above “museum” is called the Giant Shoe Museum]

I passed by some sheep themed place en route to the Seattle Center, where the International Fountain is now roped up for cleaning.  Hope it runs again before I leave.  Grabbed a bite at McDonald's by Seattle Center but ate in front of the Space Needle, right across from KOMO 4 News headquarters.  Visited Easy Street Records and bought some more DVDs, including a couple of screeners and documentaries.  Went back downtown, where I caught some footage of the Monorail.

[NOW: The Fountain did open up eventually.]

Discovered an underground supermarket near my hostel.

[NOW: Kress]

Beyond that I didn't really do anything important today.

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