Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Sunday’s Restaurant Misadventure

A friend, her roommates and I tried going to a restaurant that actually proved to be closed on Sundays.  So instead we went to another restaurant closer to where I lived.

It was great hanging out with my friend and her roommates but the greeter tried putting us in the darkest table even the place was almost half empty. In hindsight the fact that it was half-empty at 6 should have been a warning sign.  I needed more time than the others to decide what to drink, but once I decided (a milkshake) the time it took to get that drink was noticeably way longer than the time it took for them to bring the other drinks, even though the waitress seemed to have time to chat with other staff.  When we pointed out the time it was taking the waitress argued with us instead of apologizing.  She finally rushed the shake, giving me less shake than you normally get when ordering. Moreover,. By the time the shake arrived, the sun had noticeably changed position from the time I’d ordered it.

And luckily fries are unlimited because my initial plate didn't have many, so I ended up asking for more fries within ten minutes of getting the meal.  Now, for all this bother my meal actually tasted okay beyond that but others had less than tasty food and drinks; two of them ended up saving some of their food for later (in one case because part of the meal was overcooked) while the third found the fish they ordered to be inedible.

I actually gave a two cent tip because zero tip wouldn't have adequately summed up how we all felt.

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