Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Okanagan Trip April 2012 Day 2 April 17

·         Watched Unstoppable with my dad in the morning
·         While my dad pursued other activities wandered around Vernon
·         Walked from downtown to Wild West Exchange and bought some blu-rays including X-Men: First Class
·         Walked to the Real Canadian Superstore where a cousin works; didn’t see her that day
·         Walked to Wal-Mart and got a couple DVDs
·         Walked to Future Shop and picked up the 5th season of Rescue Me
·         Walked back downtown Vernon
·         Visited Raven Traders, Expressions of Time, Eclectibles, Common Exchange, Smart Choice Liquidators
·         Bought a couple DVDs (one for my dad) at Welk Mart
·         Bought a book at Bookland
·         Visited the Real Canadian Wholesale Club, Polson Park, a dollar store that had replaced Rogers Video
·         Bought some blu-rays and a DVD at Ebeneezer’s
·         Visited Vernon Center Pawn, a pet store, K&K Bookstore, Omar’s Collectibles
·         Went to where the marmots hang out; had trouble finding them but eventually found one in the back of the building they hang out at
·         Returned to my dad’s place; he wasn’t in so returned to the marmots (got photos of one standing up), visited Safeway, more marmot photos, then back to my dad’s place
·         Hung out with my dad; we watched Suckers and its best bonus feature, a primer on dealing with car dealers

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