Friday, April 27, 2012

Misadventures in Buffalo Trip Planning

I'll be visiting Buffalo New York in June and scheduled a trip for June 11. It came to $1 plus fees, or $1.69.  I needed to change to June 13, which was also $1.  Unfortunately I typed in the wrong expiry year and my card got declined, and when I tried again it had gone up to $13.  Today I checked and it looked like it was back to $1 but when I doublechecked and it was back to $13. I did a different transaction and then on a whim tried Buffalo again. It was back to $1. So finally I got the June 13 trip I wanted at $1.

I had also planned to use the Niagara-Buffalo transit system to do some shopping along the way as I worked my way north to Niagara Falls. In Buffalo proper things went okay in terms of figuring out timings, but as I got further north, I found that two hour gaps started appearing between locations.  So I'd like to visit Amherst, Tonawanda, and North Tonawanda, but I might stick to the core of Buffalo instead, checking out the free Observation Tower etc before taking the bus straight to the Falls.

Possibly to be continued...

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