Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Okanagan Trip April 2012 Day 3 April 18 Vernon, Osoyoos

  • Left Vernon with Dad just before 10, picking up Dad's friend and his sister along the way
  • Drove to Kelowna
  • Took an alternate route to Osoyoos that unintentionally added over an hour to the trip
  • Passing a few small towns along the way; went up and down a mountain and thus saw snow
  • Took photos of a viewpoint looking down at Osoyoos from above
  • Had a choice between A&W and McDonald's for lunch in Osoyoos; chose A&W but cashier was new and struggled with orders
  • Finally made it to the Desert Model Railroad Museum; took over 1000 photos
  • Passed Oliver and Penticton where we'd hoped to stop had but couldn't because we were behind schedule
  • Was late for a meet with a cousin, but since her mom was on the trip, was able to connect with her at their place, as cousin realized that something had gone wrong.
  • Had Chinese food dinner with just my cousin and we caught up.
  • There was some confusion getting back inside Dad's place because he was on the phone when I tried to get buzzed in; finally ot in

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