Monday, April 23, 2012

Okanagan Trip April 2012 Day 1 April 16

·         Grabbed breakfast at McDonald’s
·         Took 70 to McTavish Exchange, crossed an overpass, and took the 83 to Victoria International Airport
·         Nearly lost debit card without realizing it; luckily it turned up at the Westjet counter
·         Got some great take-off and landing photos but was within clouds in between
·         Dad met me at Kelowna International Airport
·         We drove to Orchard Park Mall where I had a short but nice visit with my friend Dorey, then we drove to my Aunt Stella’s place
·         We (Dad, Aunt Stella, and I) drove to the Old Spaghetti Factory and soon after I explored downtown Kelowna on my own
·         Got a couple comic trades at High Browse Books, visited Mosaic Books, visited City Park, got some blu-rays at Trade & Save
·         Leaving downtown, I tried to visit another video store but it was now a Subway
·         Visited Ted’s Paperback & Comics then returned to my aunt’s place; ironically she and my dad had gone for a short drive and returned at the same time
·         We hung out at my aunt’s place for a bit longer then headed to Vernon
·         We got stalled by construction between Kelowna and Winfield but finally made it to Vernon
·         Saw a marmot en route to my Dad’s place
·         Rest of eve we just unwinded and watched part of one movie and all of another

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