Saturday, April 28, 2012

Okanagan Trip April 2012 Day 4 April 19

My dad and I went to Armstrong in the morning and had breakfast at McDonald's.  The museum there wasn't open because that location was having a book sale.  We visited the Cheese Factory and relaxed a bit until stores were reading to open.  I went to Shamrock Books and took a couple of photos of the cats, who acted like I had a gun and freaked at the sight of the camera. I also bought some DVDs at Video Express.

We returned to Vernon where we grabbed my luggage and went to my aunt (Dad's sister)'s place and hung out with her and another cousin.

We drove to Kelowna International Airport and hung out for a bit, then my dad left. I was going to have dinner there but had a pretty big meal at my aunt's place so I opted to wait until later.

As with the way over, I got some decent take-off and landing photos during the plane trip but due to rain we were in clouds for most of the trip.

Upon arriving in Victoria International Airport, I had hoped to dash to McTavish Park & Ride and grab a city bus home from there, but it was pouring so I opted to take the expensive Akal Airporter instead.

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