Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seattle Trip Day 2006 Day 5 Tuesday August 1

This is the 5th and final of a series of posts recalling my first annual trip to Seattle. Unlike later Seattle reports, the hostel I was staying at charged for Internet use so I wrote the reports from notes I’d written after returning home.  I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of five years later or to add further clarification; I “NOW” to denote such cases.

Took a 5:30 am ferry to Bainbridge, which cost $6.50 this end (again, free other way), then to Poulsbo.  Could have gotten a slightly later ferry and made the same connections, but part of me was "going native" so decided to make myself leave sooner rather than later.

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The ferry was Washington State Ferries. The bus to Poulsbo was the 91 Kitsap Transit.]

Not much to see at Poulsbo Transfer Center but walked around anyway.  I almost missed a bus leaving from Port Townsend.  Seems they don't always connect at the Port Townsend exchange when the Poulsbo bus is late.  I got off the bus in time to catch the bus leaving Port Townsend.  I did a brief bit of shopping in Sequim (almost leaving my package behind; sleepy).  Bussed to Port Angeles and worked out how to kill a couple hours while loaded down.  I love Port Angeles but this time just wanted to get home.

[NOW: What is the case now and may have even been the case then is the 8 bus to Sequim leaves Port Townsend before the 7 bus arrives at that time of the day. You’re supposed to make the connection at Four Corners.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The 7 and 8 are both Jefferson Transit. I should have also noted above that the bus to Port Angeles is the 30 Commuter/Clallum Transit.]

Ate at China First buffet (a little out of downtown but even loaded down made it there in 10 minutes).  Then I decided to treat myself to the faster Victoria Express.  Felt a lot faster, energetic, but likewise a bit rushed.  Think I still like the Coho better.  It's bigger and feels more like a real ferry, though the Express is efficient.

[NOW: The Victoria Express has now been converted to a Port Angeles tour boat service and no longer goes to Victoria.]

My bags got thoroughly searched at Customs but I was eventually let through with no further consequences.

Not long after dropped off 53 rolls of film from Seattle and told the store (Real Canadian Wholesale Club) that they'll likely need more than the normal five days for the multi-service developing.

[The latter store is in Esquimalt and no longer processes film. I’ve switched to digital.  I can’t recall at which point I seriously started considering making trips to Seattle be an annual tradition. Likely around the 3rd or 4th day. ]

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