Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nanaimo’s Main Shopping Centres Then and Now

Looking at the shopping centres in Nanaimo in 1991 vs. 2011, roughly from south to north (except for University Village, all accessed via the highway).

Harbour Park: Now Port Place.  Previously has a bit of structural changes.  Currently a lot smaller has half has been demolished.  May provide bigger once the construction has beenm completed.

Harewood Plaza: Now University Village. Completely overhauled.  Only a small part of the original structure still present

Terminal Park: some stores of come and gone but mostly unchanged.

Northbrook Mall: Now Brooks Landing.  A good portion has been renovated/changed; less inside access now.

County Club Centre: Some changes around where the Future Shop is now but largely inact.

Rutherford Mall: Now Nanaimo North Town Centre. A few bits of expansion/changes here and then but largely the same.

Woodgrove Centre: Greatly expanded, though a lot of the old structure also present.

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