Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Live Cat Show Trumps Movie

I was living on Stikine Street in Kitimat at the time and had done some raking of leaves during the day, so that the leaves were under a tree.  My parents and I were watching an old movie. It Happened One Night, I think.  There were cats that used to hang out in the yard sometimes before a neighbour got a couple of temperamental dogs. But this was before the dogs.

As we were watching the movie one cat chased another cat up the tree with the leaves.  Seconds later one of the cats dropped down into the leaves feet first and then the other did the same. It was a good sized jump and the cats stood perfectly straight during the jump. A perfect feet-first jump for both cats.  While the movie was decent enough, there was something about a live show of cats being cats that was far more interesting and I don’t regret missing a little bit of the movie to enjoy the live show.

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