Thursday, November 24, 2011

November Nanaimo Trip Plan vs Reality: The Plan

Let's try a two-part experiment.  Today's blog post is on what I plan to do tomorrow in Nanaimo.  Then tomorrow evening I will report on what I actually did.  Let's see how close the two are.

The Plan for Tomorrow:
UI'll arrive at the Victoria bus depot just after 7 and leave Victoria at 7:30.

I'll arrive at Port Place at around 9:30.  At Port Place I'll buy a day bus pass at London Drugs, maybe grab a breakfast, and visit Falconer Books.

I'll walk along Commercial Drive and check out Literary Nanaimo, a book store next to that whose name escapes me, Fascinating Rhythm, and Bygone Books. I'll also check out the Occupy Nanaimo movement. I'll head to the Downtown Transit Centre which is actually just outside of what I consider to be downtown, and at 11:19 I'll take the 9 bus to Country Club, getting there at 11:30. I'm actually hoping to take an earlier bus but I'm factoring in the unexpected.

At Country Club I'll grab lunch, visit Curious Comics and Coles inside the mall, and Future Shop via an outside entrance.

At 12:31 I'll take the 1 bus to Nanaimo North Town Centre (arriving 12:51) where I'll visit a book store and military museum.

At 12:51 I'll take the 1A bus to Woodgrove Mall (arriving 1:04) where I'll visit HMV and the water clock tower inside the mall and the Walmart via an outside entrance. Time permitting I might visit Chapters.

At 1:30 I'll take the 15 bus to the University of Vancouver Island (arriving 2:01), which I used to go to as Malaspina College, take a few photos and then start heading downtown.  I hope to walk downtown but might take the bus if it's pouring.  Along the way there's a video store I want to visit and might also visit University Village.

Nearing downtown I'll head south and visit a couple pawn shops across from one another on Nicol St.

Time depending I might visit Terminal Park, which has the Good Ol' Book Exchange.I might also visit Brooks Landing

The Greyhound back to Victoria leaves at 5:15 so I'll arrive just after 4:45 to get a window seat.  I'll arrive at the Victoria bus depot at 7:20.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what really happens.

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