Monday, November 28, 2011

New Bed Misadventure

I just got a new bed over the weekend, with the help of the previous owner and another friend.

The police were at my building when I arrived.  Inside the main entrance there was a decent sized group of people waiting, including the police.  The reason for the size of the group (at least in part) proved to be because one of the three elevators was locked off due to people moving out.

An elevator finally arrived that was not locked off but there was not enough room for us (and we didn’t want to slow down the police. I indicated to some people behind us that they could go in that one and we’d wait but instead they went ahead and did not get in, effectively butting ahead of us in line.  Once they got in (one had a bike) we couldn’t fit in.

We moved closer to the elevator button. More people were behind us now and one called me a name under huis breath as he pressed the down button due to the common misconception that that cases the elevator to arrive faster when all it really does is make the elevator door open and close twice instead of just once.

Finally we got in as did the cause who whispered a name at me. Another person with a bike got upset that there wasn’t enough room. One friend remarked on his temper, which caused the guy who called me a name to make a room remark.  One we actually got to my place I found that I had slightly measured the space needed wrong, but not to a serious degree and I was later able to fix that pretty quickly, though I did accidentally knock a few things over.

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