Thursday, August 11, 2011

Half Hour Elevator Wait

Another interlude from the Disneyland trip reports to add a bit of variety to my blog posts.

A couple days ago, only one elevator in my building was in service. One other elevator electricians were working on and the third… never did figure that one out. I considered walking up to the lobby floor (the only floor you can reach from the main entrance by stairs unless you’re going down; a security feature). If you pressed down, you could get on, ride the elevator down, then back up again. However, the other people waiting were getting annoyed by others doing that and I decided I didn’t want to join the “bad guys”. In one case the elevator opened up and was already completely full. Usually, only a couple people could get on at once.

One woman lamented not having a phone or phone number to let security know that lots of people were being stuck waiting. Well, someone else had a phone and due to my schizophrenic neighbour, I had security’s number memorized. So we were able to reach security. The electricians released the freight elevator so a bunch of us could get on. Finally I got a chance (barely) to read on my balcony in the sun for a little bit.

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