Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diets Shouldn't Cause this Much Trouble

As of yesterday I started a reduced sugar diet for two months. I get one day off it each month, but otherwise can't have any pop, candy, sugar-coated cereal, cookies, or ice cream (I rarely have the latter two anyway).

Well, today... new diet already had a very noticable effect: it's put me an hour behind schedule, nearly wrecked my camera, caused me to lose the "key" to the apartment entrance, and caused water damage including to two reference comics I bought Wednesday.

I realized this morning the only breakfast I had in my place was Mini-Wheats, so had to buy new cereal. I dropped my money in the store and the airflow carried it away so I had to dash home and back and get my debit card, meaning two elevator waits at my apartment instead of just one (you can take the stairs down but not up).

I wolfed down the breakfast. I didn't have time to properply secure the water in my fridge which wasn't in tight bottles because of the pop residue in such bottles. Water spilled everywhere and when someone pointed it out and i tried rummaging through my stuff my camera spilled out.

Luckily the camera seems to be okay but I just missed my bus to the Sooke Potholes by a few minutes, and service to Sooke is hourly. Returning home I discovered that the key-thing to the front door of the building had gone missing in the chaos. Luckily I still had the key to my acutal room.

Postscript: the key-thing and the money finally turned up later on in the day.

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