Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Disneyland Trip September 2008 Day 9 (September 17)

This is the 9th of 11 posts (10 travel days plus final thoughts) adapted from e-mails I sent to friends and family. This was my 3rd trip there, the previous two being in the early 1980s and 1996. My dad came with me this trip.

Another good news bad news thing on the health front. Good: my cold wass mostly gone (didn't even take Nyquil that night, though the cold returned when I got home) and my dad's food poisoning is gone. Bad news is my dad definitely had the cold now.

Today was the second of two days at Universal Studios. My original thought is we would just revisit the stuff we liked the best on Sunday, thus giving us a chance to do our favourites multiple times, but my dad didn't really remember the attractions too well so we basically went through the circuit a second time.

Upon arrival we saw Adrian Pasdar being interviewed for Heroes. It was tricky getting a good shot because first the bus had to park and then had to switch memory cards, but I did get shots of him of some sort. Regardless it was nice seeing an actor I like from a series I like with my own eyes.

I had a slight bit of trouble getting in because my print-out ticket got water-damaged on Splash Mountain yesterday, but I got a nicer looking replacement ticket in the deal.

Okay, here's the order this time around:
* Simpsons (dad skipped this this time, plus the next two rides as before)
* Revenge of the Mummy
* Jurassic Park
* Universal Experience
* Special Effects
* Backdraft
* Studio Tour: We saw a wild animal for real; driver said it was a coyote, my dad thouight it was a fox; while I took photos, they were too distance to tell for sure, but coyote seems likely
* Lunch at Doc Brown's (and the first of three refills of the souvenir glass I bought last time, only costing 69c/75c before/after tax)
* Shrek 4-D
* Blues Brothers
* Animal Actors
* I bought a set of 3 superhero shot glasses(!) at the Marvel Store (Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine; the latter two make sense but for drinking Thing would have been a better fit than Spidey)
* Universal's House of Horrors
* Waterworld (one of the actors sprayed my back a little with water)
* Terminator 2: 3-D
* After my dad left the park, Simpsons once more, making my final attraction this trip a high-energy one
* Bought some comics again outside the park at Universal's CityWalk's Things from Another World store.

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